06th March 2024 09:47am
Victorian Legislative Council, Melbourne

David ETTERSHANK (Western Metropolitan) (09:46): 

Last week Germany, the largest economy in Europe and the third-largest economy in the world, became the latest jurisdiction to legalise cannabis for adult recreational purposes.

Germany’s stated goal in passing the law is to allow people to grow and possess modest amounts of cannabis to improve public health outcomes, to crack down on the black market and to protect children and young people.

The changes in Germany are very similar to those passed in the ACT in 2020 and proposed by Legalise Cannabis Victoria in November last year.

Last week’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare national drug strategy household survey found that around 12 per cent – or 700,000 – of Victorians consumed cannabis in the past 12 months and that 80 per cent of adult Australians want adult use of cannabis decriminalised.

Eighty per cent want decriminalisation. Think about that: that is 4.5 million adult Victorians wanting change. When will this reformist Labor government respond to community demand and, like Germany and the ACT, legislate for better health and legal outcomes?


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