19th March 2024 02:33pm
Victorian Legislative Council, Melbourne


That this House notes that —

(1)          Pill testing is backed by decades of research showing that it:

  • Prevents people from using strong or contaminated drugs, saving lives;
  • Communicates with people, often for the first time, about safer drug use, support services and reducing harm; and
  • Helps to detect new and dangerous substances circulating in the illicit market.

(2)          Pill testing is currently available in over 20 countries; the ACT is currently trialing a fixed-site drug checking service and Queensland is now allowing pill testing services;

(3)          Despite significant public support and four coroners in six years recommending a pill testing trial in Victoria, this Government has made no progress;

(4)          Earlier this month, a 23-year-old man died after a suspected drug overdose death at the Pitch Music and Arts festival in Western Victoria, and two other men were hospitalised after suffering suspected overdoses;

(5)          While this Government drags their feet on pill testing, young Victorians continue to lose their lives; and

(6)          Calls on the Victorian Government to commit to a pill testing trial as a matter of urgency.


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