It’s time for sensible and meaningful reform to end the criminalisation of people who consume cannabis. The community is calling on governments to amend outdated laws.

Current cannabis laws make criminals of ordinary Australian consumers and perversely, creates a huge illicit market run by real criminals.

There have been over 700,000 arrests in Australia for cannabis-related offences since 2010. Over 90% of these arrests were merely for possessing or consuming cannabis.

An arrest for cannabis can have a massive impact on a person’s life, negatively affecting their ability to get work, travel and source rental accommodation.

For too long cannabis laws have disproportionally criminalised young people, indigenous people and culturally diverse communities. These laws currently cause real harm to marginalised groups, and we should as a society come together to do something about it

Legalise Cannabis Victoria is introducing a Bill, which is the first step to ending the unfair and damaging criminalisation of otherwise law-abiding people who choose to use cannabis.

The Bill will make it lawful for an adult to possess small quantities of cannabis for personal use. It will also allow for an adult to cultivate no more than 6 cannabis plants for personal use and will permit an adult to give cannabis, by way of a gift, to another adult.

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