David Ettershank is the Legalise Cannabis Victoria MP for the Western Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. In this episode we discuss the brief history of the party, David’s pathway to politics and history of protest related arrest, the status of the Drug Driving Amendment Bill, workplace discrimination, Victoria’s culture of prohibition, police at Melbourne’s 420 protest and Legalise Cannabis Victoria’s vision.

As a longtime community activist, Mr. Ettershank has actively campaigned to protect amenities and services and has rallied against excessive development in his local community. Prior to politics, he served as the Director of Outcomes Plus – an organisation supporting aged care providers for over 20 years. With political and social consciousness seemingly in his bloodstream, racking up around a dozen arrests for protesting during his younger years in Queensland proves that he is not scared of standing up for what he believes in. 

As a long-term cannabis consumer, Mr. Ettershank is determined to see it legalised, destigmatised and its many benefits recognised. His passions lie in reform of cannabis laws and capitalising on the opportunities that the cannabis economy can bring to Victorians. Alongside Rachel Payne, he is working hard to make changes to Victoria’s outdated laws including those that relate to workplace discrimination, drug-driving and regulated adult personal use.

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