Jacinta Allan’s ability to pass key legislation has been thrown into doubt with Legalise Cannabis MPs saying they will no longer vote with the government after arrests at a Melbourne “weed day” rally.

By Mitch Clarke

Premier Jacinta Allan has been put on notice that the government won’t have the support of two of its most crucial votes needed to pass legislation in the upper house.

A week out from parliament resuming, furious Legalise Cannabis MPs David Ettershank and Rachel Payne have threatened to throw the government’s legislative agenda into disarray.

The anger was sparked after a “huge” police presence descended on the annual “420 Day” rally in Melbourne over the weekend.

About 60 cops attended the rally on Saturday, arresting 36 attendees for drug possession.

Mr Ettershank said the government’s desire to throw significant police resources at the event would lead to severe repercussions in the parliament.

“This is crossing the Rubicon for us,” he said.

“Here we are on a Saturday spending a f–k-tonne of money policing a few people enjoying a bit of weed in the park.

“We are genuinely really pissed off at this government. We’ve reached that point where we don’t know how to do business with the government anymore.”

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